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Dave Schrader - Executive Vice President & Staff Agronomist

Dave Schrader graduated from the University of Maryland in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy, with a concentration in Soil Conservation. Dave knew that he wanted to work out of doors and had a passion for the environment. He began his career at a local company, Lawn Pro, as the DC area troubleshooter for problem lawns. After one year, Dave was promoted to manager of the company’s new Chantilly, VA office. Dave was inspired to create his own company by his experiences while at Lawn Pro, wanting to do better by his customers and the environment. He left in late 1986 to develop the business plan for Bio Green.

Bio Green was founded to address three distinct issues that Dave found during his market analysis:

  1. Homeowners in the Northern Virginia region would benefit from locally based alternatives to national franchise lawn care chains.
  2. Customers deserved excellence in lawn treatment service delivery and customer service, all which should be provided at affordable prices.
  3. The environment was suffering from the “one size fits all” approach (still used by many in the industry), which could be rectified by customizing lawn care treatments and applying chemicals at minimal values instead of saturation rates.

Dave’s model for the Bio Green business is still in use today - with nearly 6,000 active customers and a singular approach to environmentally sensitive lawn care treatments. The vast majority of Bio Green’s applications require a separate trip over the lawn (which is more labor intensive), enabling Bio Green’s technicians to customize the treatment according to actual need to ensure quality results while greatly reducing the amount of chemicals used.

Dave currently acts as Bio Green’s Executive Vice President and Staff Agronomist, with responsibility for running the lawn care end of the business, troubleshooting complex lawn problems and designing and delivering technical training. Dave holds numerous specialty certifications, including:

  • Commercial Pesticide Certifications in Turf (VA and MD), Ornamental Landscapes (VA and MD) and Public Health (VA)
  • Certified Nutrient Planner (VA Department of Conservation and Recreation)
  • Certified Fertilizer Applicator (VA)
  • Certified Sprinkler Designer (Various Manufacturers)
  • Certified Lighting Designer (Various Manufacturers)
  • Virginia Class B Contractor (Designated Employee)

Dave has been married for 34 years, and his wife was Bio Green’s first employee. She is currently the Director of a Senior Center in the Shenandoah Valley. The couple has three children – their eldest son is a Virginia Tech graduate and marine biologist stationed in Hawaii, their daughter, also a VA Tech graduate, is an artist and currently working with a City Arts Program in the Midwest and their youngest son works in Bio Green's Sprinkler Division. Dave is a member of the Save the Bay Foundation and is a master fisherman, deriving additional satisfaction from the fact that the practices that he has developed for Bio Green help to reduce soil erosion and chemical runoff into his beloved Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

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