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Preventing/Dealing with Algae and Moss in Residential Lawns

Moss and algae are primitive plants. They don't kill lawns directly, rather, they take advantage of ideal growth conditions and then take over an area. This might be related to our cultural lawn practices such cutting the grass quite short and/or low nitrogen fertilization. Other factors include too much shade, soil compaction, wet conditions due to poor drainage, poor air circulation and improper pH levels.

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Core Aeration

A Vital Element in Having - And Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Core aeration removes small, tubular-shaped cores of soil, giving air, moisture and fertilizer free access to the root system. Core aeration pulls plugs of soil one-to-two inches long from the ground, leaving them on the lawn surface where they'll gradually break down and decompose.

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Dealing with Yellow Nutsedge

It can be very difficult to control. Nutsedges are perennial weeds in the sedge family that superficially resemble grasses. Although they're often referred to as nutgrass, and do indeed resemble grasses, they're not grasses at all, rather they're true sedges.

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Controlling Lawn Disease

It needs to be attacked from all sides to achieve good results, Northern Virginia is known for our hot, humid summers. And in addition to the problems your lawn faces due to drought and heat stress, our weather creates prime conditions for the spread of lawn disease.

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Tips for Managing Shady Lawn Areas

By practicing the following tips on a consistent basis, you can still have a healthy, green lawn in most shady lawn situations.

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Dealing with Beetles & Grubs

The larvae of several beetle species – commonly known as white grubs – are major pests of turf grass throughout much of the U.S.

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The Environmental Benefit of Lawns

Up to 90% of the weight of a grass plant is in its roots, making it very efficient in stabilizing the soil and preventing erosion. Soil erosion and runoff has been identified as the number one issue affecting the Chesapeake Bay.

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  • Joe, Broadlands, VA
    My satisfaction with Bio Green is based largely on the broad range of outdoor services they can provide, as well as the professional talent of their staff. They can support every aspect of exterior yard and facilities development and maintenance. I began many years ago with lawn care, but as my needs grew, I increasingly turned to Bio Green for support. Soon after starting lawn care, I needed maintenance and support for a lawn sprinkler system, then water drainage issues caused me to consult them for installation of several underground water diversion projects. In each of these areas, Bio Green proved not only able to offer their services, but I found the personnel who performed the various tasks to be very knowledgeable and expert in attacking the problem. I now have a comprehensive services contract with Bio Green that provides me with the confidence that any necessary yard care task will be professionally provided promptly and at a fair price.
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