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Controlling Lawn Disease

It needs to be attacked from all sides to achieve good results, Northern Virginia is known for our hot, humid summers. And in addition to the problems your lawn faces due to drought and heat stress, our weather creates prime conditions for the spread of lawn disease.

The fungi that cause lawn disease are everywhere. Whether they actually become active and do damage to a lawn depends on two things.

  • A susceptible host plant
  • A favorable environment (moisture, temperatures, etc.).

It's important to accept that a fungicide alone can't control most lawn diseases. So, if your lawn has been diagnosed with one, in addition to any treatment or application Bio Green might provide, it will be of vital importance that you do all of the following on a regular basis

  • Bag and remove all your lawn clippings until the disease problem is solved. This helps to avoid re-infecting your lawn.
  • Carefully remove all grass from and wash the underside of your lawnmower between cuttings. A 50/50 mix of bleach and water works quite well (just be sure not to do this on your lawn, or anywhere else where the bleach or disease can cause problems).
  • Mow the affected area(s) last to avoid spreading fungus to other, healthy areas of your lawn. This explains why many fungus problems stop at a property line, because that's where the lawnmower stops leaving the cut grass that's been spreading the disease.
  • Water infrequently and deeply, and (if possible) in the early morning. To keep a nice, healthy lawn, you'll need to make about an 1 inch of water available to the roots each week. For best results water 2 times (1/2 inch each time) or 3 times (1/3 inch each time) times each week.

Making sure you do all of these things on a regular, consistent basis is just as important as any treatment or chemical controls your Bio Green technician may apply, in that they're all useful for short-term control of disease problems. Bear in mind, nothing can make damaged grass turn green instantly. The grass plant needs to produce new leaves and grow out of the problem, which usually takes a few weeks. There are other steps you and your Bio Green technician may need to take for long term disease control if your lawn experiences recurring problems. These may include

  • Maintain good control of thatch – This is best done by core aeration every 1-2 years (problem areas need it more often). Your lawn technician will make recommendations.
  • Plant resistant varieties of turf grass – This is not only a good way to limit future disease problems but also the potential damage drought and insects can cause. The various varieties in our Bio Green Elite Blend of specialty grass seeds were created with this in mind.
  • Prune lower limbs of trees – This improves air circulation when the summer humidity is high
  • Avoid repeated fungicide applications – Too much fungicide increases the resistance of disease to the chemical. It also keeps weaker varieties of grass alive when sometimes it's best to let them die back and allow the more resistant, more fit grasses to take their place.

In summary, lawn disease problems need to be attacked from all sides to achieve good results. For answers to your questions, or for your FREE Bio Green lawn program quote, be sure to email us, or call us at the number below TODAY!

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