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landscapelightingA new landscape lighting system can transform your lawn's appeal. When considering lawn care or landscape design options, lighting is often overlooked. But even a few accent lights can do wonders to enhance your outdoor space by extending its useful life well into the night in addition to adding security.

Landscape lighting is most notable for dramatically focusing attention on unique architectural features of your home, accenting specimen plantings and highlighting hardscapes such as patios and walkways. This could be as obvious as spot lighting a children's play area so they can safely enjoy the trampoline after sunset or the subtle effect of path lights showing the sharp edge where mulch meets turf. Either way, strategically placed lights can dramatically alter the feel, tone and perception of your space. As an added bonus, a well-designed outdoor lighting system will increase the pleasure you derive from your beautiful lawn.

In addition to looking nice, landscape lighting improves the functional security of your property at night. This added layer of safety is vital, especially in residential family neighborhoods. The peace of mind you can obtain from the installation of landscape lighting on your property makes it an obvious addition to your annual lawn care program or home improvement plans.

New lights can be customized to match your turf conditions and aesthetic sensibilities. Subtle lighting systems are perfect for setting a serene mood while hosting company or winding down for the evening. Newer, more technologically advanced lighting systems can be installed in trees and change colors and patterns to create exciting visual combinations on holidays and other special occasions. The key is to consult with a trained industry expert with a flair for design to guide you through the process of selecting the right landscape lighting for you and your property.

Whether you are considering comprehensive lawn renovation or annual lawn care, following up with new lights is a great way to beautify and secure your outdoor space. You're also doing favors for your neighborhood by creating a safe and inviting yard. Don't hesitate to begin your search for a new landscape lighting system.

The resale value of your home can be increased by as much as 14% with a quality lawn and landscaping. Properly lighting will not only add to that dividend but multiply the satisfaction and enjoyment you receive. New developments in LED bulbs and low voltage energy sourcing ensure your landscape lighting is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Lights are an excellent addition to invest for your home both now and into the future.

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