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How To Prepare Your Lawn Before Fall Weather Arrives

The end of summer and the change of seasons brings a host of tasks and evolving needs in order to keep your yard and lawn in peak condition. Just because the warmest months are ending doesn't mean it's time to start slacking on your lawn care. Before the cool weather kicks in, make sure you take these steps to get your lawn and planting beds ready for fall.

Find and Add Fall-Favoring Plants

Having a beautiful yard isn't exclusive to the spring and summer seasons. Spending as little as 5% of your home’s value on landscaping may yield an ROI of as much as 150%, regardless of the season you start in. Look for plants to add to your garden and the borders of your yard that favor cooler temperatures. These plants and flowers will thrive in the coming months before the first frost hits and help give your property color and visual interest. Alternatively, if you're not up to garden maintenance and work for the remaining few months of this year's growing season, take some time to get ready for spring by planting bulbs in your planting beds.

Bright Ideas for Backyards

While a well-groomed yard might be nice to look at during the day, have you prepared yours for the longer nights ahead? As fall goes on, nights are going to get longer, and outdoor lighting design will become even more important for properly illuminating and enjoying your outdoor space. Depending on what time you get home from work during weekdays, by late fall you will most likely arrive home after sunset. Take this time during early fall to have LED landscape lighting professionally installed, or maintain your existing system to ensure the lighting will enhance outdoor living opportunities.

Look for Helpful Lawn Care Programs

For many people, taking care of their lawn and yard is a chore that they simply don't have time to complete. However, that doesn't mean you have to live with a weedy, unhealthy lawn. Hiring the right lawn care company and their professional lawn care programs can ensure your yard looks great for the rest of the year and into the spring. These services can take care of your yard's appearance, including everything from seeding and fertilization to weed and pest control and more. In addition, fall is the best time to seed and feed your lawn, especially if summer left it in bad shape.

Without the right lawn care programs, managing your yard through the fall can be a challenge. To learn more about lawn care, landscape lighting and other outdoor services that you can benefit from this fall, contact Bio Green Outdoor Services today.

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