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Tips and Tricks to Care for Your Lawn


Yard Master of Your Oasis

A well-cared-for lawn allows you to have “bragging rights” for the most attractive property on your block if you have both the time and the interest in doing the work. Learning what is required for each seasonal treatment, procuring the materials such as lawn fertilizer and organic materials and determining which grass seed is best suited for your region at the right time of the year may feel a bit overwhelming. Understanding how to keep your turf healthy and looking great all year long in Northern Virginia can be a daunting undertaking. There are a few basic tricks to maintaining your yard with a little help from an in-ground lawn sprinkler system and prescription lawn care programs.


First Steps for Yard "Bragging Rights"

Nobody enjoys mowing their lawn because of the heat and humidity that has to be dealt with during the NoVa area’s summer months. However, proper mowing at the right height (usually once weekly during the growing season) more often helps to keep your lawn healthy and looking good. The same can be said for keeping up with your sprinkler system maintenance and seasonal watering adjustments. Systematic checks to ensure your sprinkler system is working properly should be the first step before and after making seasonal adjustments to your watering schedules as the temperatures and precipitation levels change. With the combination of frequent mowing and regular watering, your lawn should be well on its way to earning you the title “Yard Master”.

Fertilization is Key

Fertilizing your outdoor paradise is needed to keep your lawn healthy. Not everyone knows the proper balance of nutrients and correct application methods for dry granular fertilizer. Rely on a professional lawn care company, led by degreed “soil productivity” scientists (known as agronomists) to improve and maintain your turf. The lawn care company you choose can also place the landscape lighting system, set up mosquito control services, take care of your sprinkler system installation and maintenance and do a complete lawn renovation if needed.

Most individuals take pride in building their lawns and maintaining its appearance, but there are multiple facets to consider when caring for your grass alone. Not all homeowners have a green thumb and understand how to balance the seasonal needs of their lawn and outdoor planting beds. A recent study found that 67% of Americans have agreed that having a professional landscaping company care for their yard would give their property a nicer appearance.

Between lawn irrigation systems, soil testing, outdoor lighting, and sprinkler system maintenance, it can become very time consuming if you decide to handle it all on your own. A reputable, local lawn care company that specializes in all these aspects of improving your outdoor living spaces is exactly what you need. They have built their business around their customers and what their needs are in order to assist with these tasks. Knowing there is one less thing we need to worry about in our day-to-day activities, especially when it comes to the year-long endeavor that is lawn care, is well worth its weight in gold.

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