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6 Things to Look for In A Lawn Care Service

When you're looking for a lawn care service provider as well as lawn sprinkler maintenance and repair, you want a company that offers more than just the basics. Professional and experienced lawn care businesses provide a wide range of services to ensure your lawn looks great year-round, so you don't have to worry about doing the work yourself while maintaining your home’s curb appeal.


But what service capabilities should you look for in a lawn care company? Consider the following lawn care and outdoor living improvement services you should consider when it comes to lawn care businesses. 

  • Lawn care programs. Your lawn needs more than just water to grow healthy and green. Consider looking for lawn care services that provide science-based, ecologically aware lawn care programs that are customized to your lawn’s needs.

  • Lawn sprinkler installation. Lawn irrigation systems are essential to keeping your lawn green and healthy throughout the year. But if you hire an inexperienced or improperly credentialed company to set up your lawn sprinklers, you could end up with a whole slew of problems including dry patches, flooding, and even foundation problems. Look for certified irrigation contractors in your area that offer expert installation and the latest technologies so you can feel confident that you're not only watering your lawn correctly but also saving water when you do it.

  • Irrigation system maintenance services. Your lawn sprinklers need to stay in good shape to continue providing water to your lawn in a way that's eco-friendly and efficient. Look for lawn care services that provide seasonal scheduled sprinkler services, repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

  • Landscape lighting. When your lawn looks great, you want to show it off. Fortunately, some lawn care companies also offer low-voltage, artistic LED landscape lighting services to improve your home’s security and enhance your property’s beauty and curb appeal. Consult with trained landscape lighting designers to find the lighting design for your landscape.

  • Mosquito, flea and tick control. Nothing can ruin your home's outdoor vibes quite like an influx of mosquitoes or disease-carrying fleas and ticks. While you can spray for these pests yourself, you could potentially over-spray your property and cause damage to beneficial insects such as bees. Look for pest control-licensed companies offering Integrated Pest Management-based (IPM) services: a safe, right-sized approach to mosquito reduction and flea/tick elimination without over-spraying, customized to fit your lifestyle and your property.

  • Drainage solutions. Some properties suffer from drainage issues like runoff, water intrusion, erosion and more, which can impact the health of the environment due to run-off and can damage your lawn. Consider a lawn care service that provides permanent solutions to these drainage issues through the expertise of a credentialed soil conservation expert.

Looking for lawn sprinkler maintenance and other lawn care services?

The front and back lawns in the U.S. collectively contain about 21 million acres of grass. It's important to take good care of your lawn just like you would any other plant and to consider the environmental and personal enjoyment aspects of your outdoor living spaces.


Bio Green Outdoor Services can help you take great care of your lawn, so it looks great and feels great throughout the year. Whether you need lawn sprinkler maintenance, mosquito control or lawn fertilization, Bio Green offers all those services and more. For more information about our lawn care services, contact Bio Green Outdoor Services today at 703-450-0034.

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