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Tips to Prep Your Lawn & Landscape For Cold Winter Weather

Everyone loves a beautiful, well-kept, green lawn during the summer, spring and fall. But what's a homeowner to do during the winter? Short days, cold temperatures and freezing snow or ice can keep your landscaping and outdoor spaces from looking their best. Maintaining your home's curb appeal is important when it comes to its overall value, even during the winter. Nearly 90% of real estate agents encourage homeowners to invest in landscaping efforts prior to selling. If you want to maintain your home's curb appeal year-round, consider these tips to improve your winter landscaping.

Add Plants That Thrive in the Winter

During the winter, chances are your landscaping may not look as vibrant as it during the warmer seasons of the year. Note the areas of your landscape that could use some color and dimension during the gray days of winter. Then, come planting season, invest in hardy plants that can withstand colder climates for the borders of your lawn. Evergreen trees and certain shrubbery and plants can add gorgeous greenery even with cold temperatures and snow in the forecast. Also, consider trees and shrubs with interesting or colorful bark for interest after they lose their leaves during the fall.

Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

Once you’ve made a plan for four-season landscape interest, consider that during the shorter days of the year, your investment will be less visible to you and others. Even on those days when all your property is covered in snow, the right outdoor landscape lighting design can take your home’s outdoor landscape design to the next level. Artfully lit shrubs, planting beds and ornamental trees emphasize the parts of your yard you love while drawing attention away from areas that might need a bit more work. Besides, who doesn't love the look of gorgeous lighting reflecting off of freshly fallen snow? The right lighting effects can make it look like you've had a complete lawn makeover.

Stay Off Frost-Covered Grass

Springy and elastic, grass normally springs back up after people walk on top of it. But frost-covered grass is actually frozen, meaning those same blades will now break under pressure. Those who traverse on their frozen grass do so at the risk to their own lawn – the damaged areas will result in brown footprint-sized spots. Not to mention, your grass will not grow again until spring, meaning the damage will be visible for quite a while!

Keep Treated Snow & Deicers Off Your Lawn

If you tend to put down deicing chemicals or snowmelt products before a snowfall, use them in moderation! Future rains could wash the chemicals into your lawn, which can be harmful to your grass and planting beds. Additionally, shoveling this salty snow onto your lawn could result in damage to existing grass while also impacting future growth. At worst, these products could kill patches of grass that have been exposed.

Professional Lawn Care Preps Your Lawn for Winter

The arrival of winter should not herald an end to a beautiful lawn. Hiring a professional lawn care company can ensure that your grass is in good shape to survive the cold temperatures to begin thriving again in the spring. The right professionals will choose a blend of cold season grasses that thrive in our region’s climate during winter. With a lawn care company, early fall seeding and fertilizing sets the lawn up to look fantastic through the winter, while late fall fertilizing will help your grass shore up its energy stores to last through winter for jumpstarted root growth come spring.

Winter can be difficult on your lawn, but there are still plenty of options for improving your curb appeal and making the most of your outdoor space. For more information or to learn about our services, contact Bio Green Outdoor Services today.

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