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How to Know When It's Time For Lawn Renovation

Having a picturesque home with a beautiful yard is still very much part of the American Dream. But you might not feel as proud of your property if your lawn is full of weeds. Landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of your house, and most home buyers appreciate a property featuring a lush, green lawn.

In most cases, a regular lawn care program can alleviate the need for a complete lawn renovation. But when problems go unaddressed and compound to hurt the health of your lawn, the best solution may be a lawn renovation program. Wondering when you may need lawn renovation versus a regular program of lawn care? If you have one or more of the following persisting issues, a lawn renovation may be the preferred and recommended solution.


Your Lawn Has More Brown Than Green

Brown spots aren't necessarily an indication that you should undergo the lawn renovation process. There are steps you can take to restore the health of your lawn if patches of your lawn die off or appear diseased. Methodically check and determine possible causes of your poor lawn health such as a lack of nutrients, soil compaction, disease, lawn pests or pet damage. If you cannot uncover the reason(s) for the appearance of brown spots and your lawn’s failing health, consult a lawn care professional for assistance to solve the issue.

Your Lawn Is Mostly Made of Weeds

Varieties of weeds sprout, germinate and go to seed at different periods during the year. Homeowners need to use the right pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments for weeds at optimal times of year in order to combat their growth in their lawns. Having a few dandelions is no reason to panic (think of spot spraying). But if your lawn is overgrown with weeds, you may need to take a more aggressive stance and embark on a lawn renovation program, possibly by applying weed-killing chemicals to the affected portions of your lawn before you grow new grass. In addition to eradicating weeds, lawn renovation programs target other issues by testing nutrient levels to enact the necessary soil amendments, relieving soil compaction and reducing thatch accumulation with core aeration and then using a slice seeder to plant grass seed.

Your Lawn Is Diseased

With no shortage of rainfall and heat here in Virginia, the necessary moisture and conditions for disease to infect your lawn are present. Although there are a number of methods and products available that can stop the spread of lawn disease without the proper identification, fungal or bacterial diseases could still wreak havoc in your yard. Keep in mind that the brown patches mentioned above could be signs of disease, as can white dust, red or pink webbing and yellowing or browning blight. If a problem becomes too far advanced or the disease is resistant to treatment, a lawn care professional may recommend starting from scratch with a lawn renovation.

You've Tried Everything Else

When you've tried everything else to no avail it may be time for a lawn renovation program. If your efforts to revive your lawn through weed treatments, soil amendment and seeding haven't worked, it's time to call in the professionals. It's possible that you may not need total lawn renovation, but you won't have definitive answers until you seek out expert help. Once you detail the issues plaguing your lawn and your attempts to improve its health while lawn care professionals assess the state of your yard, they'll be able to recommend the next steps.

If you've been wondering when to consider lawn renovation, it's probably time to take action. Bio Green can help restore the health and appearance of your lawn and provide ongoing service treatments to keep it looking green and beautiful. To learn more about our lawn care programs and success stories turning around customer’s lawns, please contact us today.

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