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The Best Time for a Sprinkler System is "Right Now"

Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

I often get asked “When is the best time to get a sprinkler system?'” While my answer is always the same, “Right now,” it's often looked at with a bit of a jaundiced eye because I sell sprinkler systems for a living. That being said, if I were to give an unbiased, well thought-out answer considering every variable, I would have to say...right now.

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Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

It is time for the final lawn service of the year. Yes, that's the service many of you choose to skip, probably thinking it's just a marketing ploy to sell more fertilizer. Not so! While 'winterize' is probably a word made up by some marketing guru, it is also applicable to one of the most important services of the year.

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Fall Lawn Service

Hands down, fall is the most important time to get your lawn into shape. No, not because of a frustrating summer swimsuit season (though it does bugs me that I can no longer pull off a two piece!).

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