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Walking on Frozen or Frost Covered Grass

The Debate - Walk On the Lawn or Stay Off the Grass?

Everyone has at some time been warned to "stay off the grass." It could have been a sign stuck in the ground at a park or a grumpy old neighbor hollering at you. In most cases you’ve probably thought, "What could it possibly hurt for little ole me to walk on that precious grass?"

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Fall Leaf Removal Tips - Mow or Mulch?

Fall color. It has a strong attraction. Every year it draws thousands to the mountains to sit in traffic and stare. It can also inspire. Reams of bad poetry and countless weak metaphors can be directly traced to leaves changing from green to various shades of yellow and red.

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Too Much of a Good Thing

It's time to feed your lawn for fall. Not because that annoying Scotsman on TV tells you to, it's the lower humidity and milder temperatures that will make a heavy nitrogen feeding most effective.

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