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What is a Drainage Basin?

Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

What is a Drainage Basin?

While I am confident you would not be reading this if you didn't know what a drainage basin was, my editor tells me I should explain... A drainage basin (sometimes called a catchment basin) is basically a heavy duty box that comes in various sizes with a slotted lid. Commonly used to catch storm water runoff to be piped underground to some more desirable location (Note: your neighbors lawn should not be considered a more desirable location unless the objective is to get them to hate you).

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The Mysterious Case of the Yellowing Shrub - The Suspect: Poor Drainage

I feel safe in saying that most lawn and landscapes in our area have some problems with poor drainage. With the predominantly clay soils here in NOVA and our sometimes extremely wet weather (5.22 inches in the month of May, so far) it is almost unavoidable. Hollywood has taught us that the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one but with drainage, you might not know.

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EZ Flow vs. French Drains

Out of ten people who think they know what a French drain is, it is my experience only one of them actually will. First off, French drains have nothing to do with France. They are named after Henry French from Concord, MA in the good ole USA. They have played a significant role since the middle of the 19th century correcting problems with standing water. There are several types of French drains. Most homeowners with a basement have one along the outside of their home’s foundation to help prevent the basement from flooding.

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