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There's nothing quite like soaking up the sun and spending time outside with friends and family during the summer season. But mosquitoes can quickly turn a backyard barbeque into a buffet for bugs.

So how can you entertain your guests outdoors during the summer months and remain bite-free? A mosquito control program might be able to help.

How can a mosquito control program keep mosquitoes away?

Bug spray only works for so long and overapplication of certain chemical insect controls can harm beneficial insects, such as bees, a side effect which we want to minimize. A mosquito control program uses targeted treatments spaced out throughout the warmer season in a way that's customized for your property.

A mosquito control program from Bio Green usually includes:

  • A property evaluation and inspection - identifying prime mosquito hotspots
  • 4 targeted treatments during the summer that provide immediate mosquito control and reduction, resulting in long-term seasonal mosquito prevention
  • Additional customized treatments as needed to combat mosquito breeding grounds

Why is it important to achieve mosquito population reduction versus complete eradication?

Some well-advertised treatment programs will promise mosquito eradication solutions, but this is actually a dangerous goal. This is because there's the risk of killing beneficial insects such as spiders, which help to reduce the risk of other insect infestations, and the endangered honey bee, a primary pollinator.

A mosquito control program can reduce the mosquito population in your yard while also causing less harm to beneficial insects and reducing the risk of infestations. Mosquito population control can make your average bug spray more effective so you can focus more on your BBQ and less on your bug bites.

Are there other types of insect control programs?

Mosquitoes aren't the only pests that can spread disease. Ticks and fleas are also a common nuisance that can be a risk to both people and their pets.

You might not be able to prevent ticks or fleas from entering your property, but just like mosquito control programs, you can use an effective insect control program to target specific areas where ticks and fleas are more likely to cause a problem.

Looking for lawn care and mosquito control services?

Landscaping may increase your home's resale value by 14%, but mosquito population reduction is crucial to enjoying your home's outdoor spaces while you're living there. Fortunately, Bio Green Outdoor Services not only offers annual lawn care programs and mosquito control programs so you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about pesky pests.

To learn more about any of our services, such as mosquito control, lawn care, or additional offerings such as lawn irrigation systems or outdoor landscape lighting, contact Bio Green Outdoor Services today.

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