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Blog FP smFrom how-to tips for your lawn, discussions on the latest and greatest in outdoor lighting and sprinkler technology to debunking myths about products and services that somehow become factoids - we cover these topics and more in the Bio Green Blog. Thanks for stopping by!

What Landscaping Updates Offer the Best ROI?

Even if you don't think about the financial benefits of your home's landscaping on a regular basis, it can make a significant impact to the value of your home. Nearly 90% of real estate agents encourage homeowners to invest in landscaping prior to selling because of how much it can improve a home's overall resale value. If you're going to be updating your landscape or renovating your lawn with the help of a lawn care company, what fixes and additions will pay off the most? Consider these options that offer a positive return on investment.

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More Than Bug Spray: Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

According to the 2016 Houzz Landscaping and Garden Trends Study, about half of homeowners who upgrade their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours per week in that space! During a beautiful summer evening when you just want to spend time outdoors with your family or with guests, few things can be more irritating than an out-of-control insect population. Mosquito control in your backyard can be a challenge for many homeowners, but existing options and services can ensure you enjoy your yard year-round.

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How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good Through Summer

How To Keep Your Lawn Looking Good Through SummerAn afternoon working out in the lawn can be very rewarding. A nice spring day. Birds chirping away. A slight breeze. It can be a very zen-like experience. Now fast forward two months to the dog days of summer. As the boys from Jersey Shore would say, fuh-gettaboud-it. Working outside during a DMV summer is like … well … work! No matter how diligent you were caring for the lawn in spring, summer maintenance is inevitable. Summer annual weeds, drought stress, diseases and grubs all require attention that eats away at your 'me' time. Here are some quick tips to help with these lawn to-do's.

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