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Blog FP smFrom how-to tips for your lawn, discussions on the latest and greatest in outdoor lighting and sprinkler technology to debunking myths about products and services that somehow become factoids - we cover these topics and more in the Bio Green Blog. Thanks for stopping by, and let us know if there are areas of interest that you'd like to see us cover by completing our contact form.

EZ Flow vs. French Drains

Out of ten people who think they know what a French drain is, it is my experience only one of them actually will. First off, French drains have nothing to do with France. They are named after Henry French from Concord, MA in the good ole USA. They have played a significant role since the middle of the 19th century correcting problems with standing water. There are several types of French drains. Most homeowners with a basement have one along the outside of their home’s foundation to help prevent the basement from flooding.

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Grub Control - Timing is Everything

With grub control...Timing is everything


Most veteran homeowners are somewhat familiar with the dreaded white grub. Whether bumping into one of the nasty little fellows while digging in the garden during spring or having large portions of their lawn decimated by a herd (a pack? a swarm?) of them late in the summer, the grub is pretty high on the lawn care enemies list. While there is little disagreement on what to do with them (even the most docile pacifist when faced with a grubby little grub wants it dead) there is a right time and a wrong time to deal with them.

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Help Us Save the Chesapeake Bay: Reducing Nutrient Enrichment

If you were to mention "nutrient enrichment" to people in different areas of the country, I’m sure the first thing that would come to mind would vary wildly…breakfast cereal (Battle Creek MI), a new diet craze (Southern CA) but if you live in the DMV you should think of the Chesapeake Bay.

The number one pollution problem affecting our bay is excess nutrients. Storm water carrying excess nitrogen and phosphorus rich sediments eventually end up in the Chesapeake Bay. This triggers blooms of algae growth. The thick mats of algae die and decompose, blocking out sunlight needed by bay grasses and depleting the water of dissolved oxygen needed by all aquatic animals.

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