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  • Annual Sprinkler Maintenance - Turn On, Tune In, Blow Out

    Turn On, Tune In, Blow Out

    I know—I've slightly misquoted Timothy Leary—but my version applies much better to the annual maintenance required for your sprinkler system. Besides, this is a blog about the green industry, not 1960s counterculture.

  • Effective Lawn Watering Tips

    What Mr. Miyagi Says

    'Water infrequently and deeply’ should be the clarion call of all who work in the green industry. I know it sounds a bit like an ancient proverb, but it is actually great advice for everyone maintaining a lawn and landscape. It does more than just save water (spelled M-O-N-E-Y); over time it will be the key ingredient in establishing a more extensive root system. This in turn will make your lawn (and landscape plants) more resilient in the face of drought, disease and any other curve ball Mother Nature can throw.

  • How to Find Value when Comparing Sprinkler Estimates

    How to Find Value when Comparing Sprinkler Estimates

    How to Find Value when Comparing Sprinkler Estimates

    The "golden rule" for consumers is to make buying decisions based on value, not strictly on price. Grand advice but what exactly does it mean? You see, price and value are two different things. Price is determined by the intersection of supply and demand. Value, on the other hand, is the importance, worth or usefulness of any given thing (product or service). The trick, when shopping for big ticket items, is to try and figure out what gives them value to you. Then decide if the asking price is deserved.

  • How to Pick a Sprinkler Contractor

    It is my belief that choosing a quality contractor to install an automatic sprinkler system for your lawn and landscape is one of the most difficult decisions to get right for a homeowner in Northern Virginia. I know that’s bold talk but hear me out…

  • If It Ain't Broke... It Probably Needs Adjusting

    If It Ain't Broke... It Probably Needs Adjusting

    For all the clever folks out there that have an irrigation system installed in their lawn and planting beds... when was the last time you watched it work? By watching it work I mean taking the time to go through each zone to ensure it's functioning as it should. Don't be embarrassed if the answer is 'never'.

  • July is SMART Irrigation Month

    July is SMART Irrigation Month

    July is SMART Irrigation Month

    I know that the declaration of days, weeks and months is getting pretty tired (see National Box Lunch Week) but the IA (Irrigation Association) has designated July SMART Irrigation month. No parades or Hallmark cards but an excellent time to have your sprinkler evaluated for efficiency.

  • Mrs. K’s “Best Lawn in the Neighborhood” Stephens City, VA

    Mrs. K's "Best Lawn in the Neighborhood" Stephens City, VA

    Here is Mrs. K’s green, lush and healthy Stephens City, VA lawn. This lawn, with a prescribed program from Bio Green has been voted “Best Lawn in the Neighborhood.”


  • PVC versus Poly Pipe

    PVC versus Poly Pipe

    PVC versus Poly Pipe

    So you're getting a sprinkler system for your lawn and landscape - good for you! What type of pipe will the contractor be using? If the answer is 'sprinkler pipe' or 'I don't know,' you need to pump your brakes. The type of pipe used on your sprinkler system will go a long way towards determining the useable life of that system.

  • Smart Sprinkler Systems - Join the 90 Percenters

    How could anyone say no to saving 40 – 90% of the water they use to maintain their lawn and landscape? Of course I realize that some people consistently save 100% of the water they use to maintain their lawn and landscape because they never water.

  • Some Rain Sensors are Dumb - Get SMART!

    Don't get me wrong... you never want to have an automatic sprinkler system without the minimum protection against water waste that a rain sensor provides. If you've ever seen a system running while it's pouring rain... talk about waste! My point is that SMART water saving technology has advanced so far the last few years, it's probably time the simple, hard working rain sensor is put out to pasture.

  • Sprinkler System Water Pressure - Too Much of a Good Thing

    Sprinkler System Water Pressure - Too Much of a Good Thing

    I'm not talking about the pressure of meeting a deadline or taking the last second shot. I'm talking about serious pressure. Measurable, pounds per square inch pressure... water pressure. Anyone with a nodding acquaintance with irrigation knows that sprinkler systems rely on sufficient water pressure for the heads to pop up and water properly. But what if there's too much of a good thing?

  • The Best Lawn Sprinkler System to Save You Time, Money and Effort

    Best Lawn Sprinkler system to Save Time, Money and Effort

    If you’re tired of lugging the hose around your lawn, wasting water and time and dealing with uneven watering results, it’s time to make a change.

  • The Best Time for a Sprinkler System is "Right Now"

    Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

    I often get asked “When is the best time to get a sprinkler system?'” While my answer is always the same, “Right now,” it's often looked at with a bit of a jaundiced eye because I sell sprinkler systems for a living. That being said, if I were to give an unbiased, well thought-out answer considering every variable, I would have to say...right now.

  • The Homeowners Guide to Saving the World

    The Homeowners Guide to Saving the World

    We have all heard rhetoric about how individuals can help solve enormous problems by just doing their fair share. I'm not the one to tell you how that applies to world peace or getting a Seinfeld reunion show off the ground—but when it comes to taking care of your lawn, there are a number of things homeowners can do to alleviate environmental problems.

  • The Importance of Virginia's DCR Green and Clean Certification

    How to Find Value when Comparing Sprinkler Estimates

    Green and Clean Initiative

    That's the name of Virginia's initiative to try and set guidelines for the effective feeding of lawns in our state that are compatible with protecting our surface waters. The program is run through the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and my company, Bio Green has been a proud participant since its inception.

  • The One and Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Program Your Sprinkler System

    On of the great ironies of the green industry is that most folks that have an automatic sprinkler system do not water properly. It's not because they don't care, mostly it's because they were never taught proper water techniques.

  • This Audit Saves You Money – Wait, There’s More!

    This blog post is for all of you who have made the sound decision to invest in an automatic sprinkler system for your lawn and landscape. As the Agronomist for Bio Green the last 27 years, I spend a great deal of time every summer trouble shooting lawn problems. One of the most…I’m searching for the right word here…curious?…ironic?…preventable? problems I see almost daily are properties with sprinkler systems that have dry lawns. Actually, dry spots would be more accurate. Someone calls because the lawn has developed brown spots. I am dispatched to uncover what insidious bug or parasitic fungi have invaded their green space only to find the area is dry.

  • Tips and Tricks to Care for Your Lawn

    Tips and Tricks to Care for Your Lawn


    Yard Master of Your Oasis

    A well-cared-for lawn allows you to have “bragging rights” for the most attractive property on your block if you have both the time and the interest in doing the work. Learning what is required for each seasonal treatment, procuring the materials such as lawn fertilizer and organic materials and determining which grass seed is best suited for your region at the right time of the year may feel a bit overwhelming. Understanding how to keep your turf healthy and looking great all year long in Northern Virginia can be a daunting undertaking. There are a few basic tricks to maintaining your yard with a little help from an in-ground lawn sprinkler system and prescription lawn care programs.

  • Watering New Grass Seed

    Watering New Grass Seed

    Watering New Grass Seed

    I took a call yesterday from a customer who was rightfully confused by the myriad of recommendations  they had received for watering their newly seeded lawn. My initial answer of 'you and me both' proved unsatisfactory so even though I knew they wanted a simple formula of water for a certain number of minutes over an exact amount of days equals perfect germination, I launched into the following instructions:

  • Watering Your Lawn - The Real Story

    Summer's here. It's hot. It's dry. When we do get rain, it usually comes down too hard and is over too soon to do any good. Let's face it, it's time to water your grass. I know there are some zealots out there that think watering your lawn is the devil's work. If that sounds like you, stop reading and move along... nothing to see here. For others less convinced of their righteousness, let's examine this a little more closely.

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