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  • 2018 - A Terrible Time for Turf

    2018 A Terrible Time for Turfgrass

    No Joke - The Weather was The Worst for Growing a Lawn

    The weather was so bad for growing grass in 2018...I know that sounds like the set up for a bad joke, but the growing conditions this past year were so bad that, for the first time in the 30-plus years I've been in the Green Industry, the Virginia Tech Turf Team* sent out an open letter via Twitter and Facebook detailing exactly how bad it was.

  • Crabgrass and the Pre-Emergent Paradox

    Crabgrass and the Pre-Emergent Paradox

    Crabgrass and The Pre-Emergent Paradox

    Most homeowners are familiar with the concept of pre-emergent weed control. You put down this stuff in the spring and it kills the weeds before they have a chance to come up in your lawn. Easy peasy. Carrying this out to its logical conclusion means that you need to make sure you put this pre-emergent down well before the weeds get a chance to germinate or it won't work very well. While there are several weeds that can be controlled in the spring with pre-emergent, the number one target is crabgrass and putting crabgrass preventer down too early can sometimes lead to trouble.

  • Dealing with Yellow Nutsedge

    Dealing with Yellow Nutsedge

    It can be very difficult to control. Nutsedges are perennial weeds in the sedge family that superficially resemble grasses. Although they're often referred to as nutgrass, and do indeed resemble grasses, they're not grasses at all, rather they're true sedges.

  • Early Spring - The Most Popular Time to Start Improving Your Lawn

    Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

    Early Spring - The Most Popular Time to Start Improving Your Lawn

    Early Spring is a great time of year to get started on improving your lawn. While it's not the best time (the best time is always 'a month ago'), it is certainly the most popular time. At Bio Green, we have more people start annual service programs in early spring than at any other time of year.

  • Early Summer Lawn Care Recommendations

    Beginning June 1st, we started Early Summer (3rd) services for our annual lawn care customers. This service includes a spot post emergent weed control, scouting for surface insect and disease problems, where applicable, applying a preventative grub treatment and a slow release fertilization.

  • Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

    Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

    It is time for the final lawn service of the year. Yes, that's the service many of you choose to skip, probably thinking it's just a marketing ploy to sell more fertilizer. Not so! While 'winterize' is probably a word made up by some marketing guru, it is also applicable to one of the most important services of the year.

  • Giant Hogweed in Virginia!

    Giant Hogweed in Virginia!

    Is Giant Hogweed's Spread to Virginia Worth all the Fear and Fuss?

    A firestorm of news reports appeared last summer after the discovery of Giant Hogweed in Clarke County, Virginia. Why so newsworthy? Well, it wasn't the inelegant name or that it posed an imminent risk to thousands of Virginians. No, I believe it made headlines because it is dangerously cool. You see, if the sap from giant hogweed got onto your skin and was exposed to sunlight, it would cause horrible blistering. If it gets in your eyes? Possible blindness. The story almost writes itself.

  • Lawn Enemy #1 - Crabgrass

    Arguably the most dreaded of weeds. Everyone who has ever had a lawn has had a ‘crabgrass moment’. This can range from a sedate discussion over the back fence with a neighbor to fighting the urge to tear up the whole lawn and start from scratch (‘I followed the directions on the bag exactly for the third year in a row and it keeps coming back!’).

  • Lawn Renovation

    As we drag through the last steamy days of August, many homeowners have all but given up on their lawns. If the thought crossed your mind the last time you mowed, "I'm just cutting weeds at this point," you know what I'm talking about. That's the bad news... the good news is, the best time to renovate your lawn is right around the corner. Fall is prime time for establishing a nice lawn. Seeding and the most important feedings are best done in the fall.

  • Summer Lawn Service Update

    Most of us look to relax during the summer. Take a vacation. Steal an extra day or two over the weekend. Fun ways to relieve some stress. Not your lawn though. The beat down heat of summer coupled with high humidity and evening thunderstorms make summer the most potentially deadly time of year (for the lawn). Bio Green's mission, if we choose to accept it, is to do our utmost to prevent that from happening.

  • What Weed Is That?

    Japanese Stiltgrass

    What Weed Is That?

    Invasive Japanese Stiltgrass

    Microstegium vimineum has many common names; annual jewgrass, bamboo grass, shady crabgrass, painin deassgrass (just kidding… I made up that last one) but the name most recognized in our area is Japanese stiltgrass.

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