• Early Summer Lawn Care Recommendations

    Beginning June 1st, we started Early Summer (3rd) services for our annual lawn care customers. This service includes a spot post emergent weed control, scouting for surface insect and disease problems, where applicable, applying a preventative grub treatment and a slow release fertilization.

  • Happy Lawn, Happy Life

    Happy Lawn, Happy Life

    Happy Lawn, Happy Life

    "Limit stress and both you and your lawn shall be made whole"

    -Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance

  • Sprinkler System Water Pressure - Too Much of a Good Thing

    Sprinkler System Water Pressure - Too Much of a Good Thing

    I'm not talking about the pressure of meeting a deadline or taking the last second shot. I'm talking about serious pressure. Measurable, pounds per square inch pressure... water pressure. Anyone with a nodding acquaintance with irrigation knows that sprinkler systems rely on sufficient water pressure for the heads to pop up and water properly. But what if there's too much of a good thing?

  • Summer Lawn Service Update

    Most of us look to relax during the summer. Take a vacation. Steal an extra day or two over the weekend. Fun ways to relieve some stress. Not your lawn though. The beat down heat of summer coupled with high humidity and evening thunderstorms make summer the most potentially deadly time of year (for the lawn). Bio Green's mission, if we choose to accept it, is to do our utmost to prevent that from happening.

  • The One and Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Program Your Sprinkler System

    On of the great ironies of the green industry is that most folks that have an automatic sprinkler system do not water properly. It's not because they don't care, mostly it's because they were never taught proper water techniques.

  • Trees versus Turf

    Trees versus Turf

    Trees vs Turf

    Even though they both reside within the kingdom of plants, trees and grasses do not work and play well together. Trees over time will tend to dominate the landscape while the poor little grasses struggle to get their fair share of sunlight, water and nutrients.

  • Watering Your Lawn - The Real Story

    Summer's here. It's hot. It's dry. When we do get rain, it usually comes down too hard and is over too soon to do any good. Let's face it, it's time to water your grass. I know there are some zealots out there that think watering your lawn is the devil's work. If that sounds like you, stop reading and move along... nothing to see here. For others less convinced of their righteousness, let's examine this a little more closely.

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