• 5 Questions To Ask When Comparing Lawn Care Services

     5 Questions to Ask When Comparing Lawn Care Services

    5 Questions To Ask When Comparing Lawn Care Services

    It's spring and many of you are in the market for lawn care. If you are the good consumers I know you to be, you'll get a few estimates.

    The following five questions should help you zero in on the best lawn care service to hire.

  • A (Soil) Test You Shouldn't Mind Taking

    A (Soil) Test You Shouldn't Mind Taking

    Virginia Tech recommends homeowners get the soil tested for their lawns every three to four years. The purpose is to stay on top of your soil chemistry so it remains optimal for growing grass. One of the main nutrients to monitor is phosphorus, a vital macronutrient for establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, for years overuse led to contamination of our surface waters.

  • Brown Patch - NOVA's #1 Lawn Disease

    Sometimes, it’s not Spot’s fault that you’re seeing brown patches in the lawn.

    Rhizoctonia Brown Patch. Hands down the number one lawn disease problem in Northern Virginia Known by lawn care professionals as Brown Patch, often preceded by an expletive. Like many disease problems it is most visible in the nicest, thickest lawns (a thin, weedy lawn is not a good host) where the roughly circular brown patches can reach several feet in diameter.

  • Crabgrass and the Pre-Emergent Paradox

    Crabgrass and the Pre-Emergent Paradox

    Crabgrass and The Pre-Emergent Paradox

    Most homeowners are familiar with the concept of pre-emergent weed control. You put down this stuff in the spring and it kills the weeds before they have a chance to come up in your lawn. Easy peasy. Carrying this out to its logical conclusion means that you need to make sure you put this pre-emergent down well before the weeds get a chance to germinate or it won't work very well. While there are several weeds that can be controlled in the spring with pre-emergent, the number one target is crabgrass and putting crabgrass preventer down too early can sometimes lead to trouble.

  • DIY or Hire a Contractor? Spring Outdoor Services Shopper’s Guide

    Spring has sprung here in Northern Virginia. Thoughts easily turn idyllic walk hand in hand...the bloom of a delicate flower...songbirds of a morning...Well, I'm here to snap you back to reality. You need to get your taxes done, the basement smells like a lab experiment and if you want to watch March Madness there's much work to be done out in the yard. Tree pruning, building a patio, fertilizing, mulching...there are literally dozens of jobs that need doing.

  • DIY or Hire a Contractor? Top Three Tips on Selecting Your Service Provider

    AKA Pick Me! Pick Me!

    You've done your due diligence. You honestly accessed the myriad of to do's that you and your significant other have been mulling over all winter. You have distilled them down to two lists. One list of jobs you will tackle in-house between the two of you, the kids and whatever neighbors are easily bribed by BBQ. List number two contains the projects that need to be hired out. You then sought out references, perused web pages and checked online reviews to come up with three vendors for each project to give estimates. Now what?

  • Early Spring - The Most Popular Time to Start Improving Your Lawn

    Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

    Early Spring - The Most Popular Time to Start Improving Your Lawn

    Early Spring is a great time of year to get started on improving your lawn. While it's not the best time (the best time is always 'a month ago'), it is certainly the most popular time. At Bio Green, we have more people start annual service programs in early spring than at any other time of year.

  • Early Summer Lawn Care Recommendations

    Beginning June 1st, we started Early Summer (3rd) services for our annual lawn care customers. This service includes a spot post emergent weed control, scouting for surface insect and disease problems, where applicable, applying a preventative grub treatment and a slow release fertilization.

  • Environmental Benefits of a Nice Lawn

    Deep down inside, everybody likes a nice lawn. There are some that rail against the socio-environmental implications that a nice lawn represents but at a certain gut level, even those folks would love to kick off their shoes and romp around in a thick, luxuriant stand of freshly mowed grass. If only they could do it without the guilt. Well…they can…if, that is, the lawn in question has been managed properly.

  • Fall Lawn Service

    Hands down, fall is the most important time to get your lawn into shape. No, not because of a frustrating summer swimsuit season (though it does bugs me that I can no longer pull off a two piece!).

  • Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

    Feed Your Lawn Heavily Before Winter Arrives

    It is time for the final lawn service of the year. Yes, that's the service many of you choose to skip, probably thinking it's just a marketing ploy to sell more fertilizer. Not so! While 'winterize' is probably a word made up by some marketing guru, it is also applicable to one of the most important services of the year.

  • Happy Lawn, Happy Life

    Happy Lawn, Happy Life

    Happy Lawn, Happy Life

    "Limit stress and both you and your lawn shall be made whole"

    -Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance

  • How to Find Value when Comparing Sprinkler Estimates

    How to Find Value when Comparing Sprinkler Estimates

    How to Find Value when Comparing Sprinkler Estimates

    The "golden rule" for consumers is to make buying decisions based on value, not strictly on price. Grand advice but what exactly does it mean? You see, price and value are two different things. Price is determined by the intersection of supply and demand. Value, on the other hand, is the importance, worth or usefulness of any given thing (product or service). The trick, when shopping for big ticket items, is to try and figure out what gives them value to you. Then decide if the asking price is deserved.

  • How to Pick a Sprinkler Contractor

    It is my belief that choosing a quality contractor to install an automatic sprinkler system for your lawn and landscape is one of the most difficult decisions to get right for a homeowner in Northern Virginia. I know that’s bold talk but hear me out…

  • Lawn Enemy #1 - Crabgrass

    Arguably the most dreaded of weeds. Everyone who has ever had a lawn has had a ‘crabgrass moment’. This can range from a sedate discussion over the back fence with a neighbor to fighting the urge to tear up the whole lawn and start from scratch (‘I followed the directions on the bag exactly for the third year in a row and it keeps coming back!’).

  • Lawn Renovation

    As we drag through the last steamy days of August, many homeowners have all but given up on their lawns. If the thought crossed your mind the last time you mowed, "I'm just cutting weeds at this point," you know what I'm talking about. That's the bad news... the good news is, the best time to renovate your lawn is right around the corner. Fall is prime time for establishing a nice lawn. Seeding and the most important feedings are best done in the fall.

  • Light Up Winter with LED Landscape Lighting

    While Game of Thrones fans will recognize my shameless thievery of that oft repeated tagline, green industry people know that shorter days and colder temps mean it’s time to wind down their services. All but one that is… landscape lighting heats up as it gets cooler. November through February is peak season for low voltage landscape lighting. With the lower cost and energy savings of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights they are more popular the ever. To paraphrase the great Curly Howard, when you consider a lighting project, here are some considerations worth considerin’…

  • Mom 'n Pop or Corporate Conglomerate?

    For a variety of reasons, there has been a push over the last several years to get folks to purchase goods and services from local sources. As a representative of a local, family owned business...I'm all for it (no surprise there). As usual though...caveat emptor! All of us weaned on Brady Bunch reruns know that is Latin for "Let the buyer beware" (Greg buys his first car episode 53, Dad's advice is misunderstood and hijinx ensue... C'mon man!). 

  • Prime Time for Lawn Lime

    One of the most recognized but least understood applications we make to the lawn is lime. Of the thousands of homeowners I’ve met over the years, the vast majority have semi, kinda sorta known that applying lime is a good thing. A select few also know it helps neutralize the acidity of the soil and…that’s about it.

  • Roots vs. Shoots

    Roots vs. Shoots

    Roots vs. Shoots

    It's an age old struggle in the lawn care world. Maintenance programs that promote root growth as opposed to promoting shoot (or leaf) growth. I know it's not exactly the Hatfields vs. McCoys when it comes to feuds or even crunchy vs. smooth when it comes to peanut butter...but for lawn care people it's a pretty big deal.

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