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Why Choose Bio Green Lawn Care for Your Oakton Home?

Oakton’s neighborhoods are notable for their generous and beautiful landscapes. Mature trees and wide expanses of green lawn provide a soothing counterpoint/antidote to the hectic, driven and sometimes nerve-wracking world that is suburban Washington. If you live in Oakton, you can count on Bio Green Lawn Care to nourish and protect the calm green environment that you call home.

Every Lawn Needs Attentive Care to Thrive

Bio Green’s staff agronomist and soil conservation expert, Dave Schrader, often states that "the best weed control is a thick healthy lawn." Oakton homeowners know that the environmental stresses of Virginia’s hot, periodically dry summers and its rocky clay soil mean an ongoing struggle to maintain their lawns. At Bio Green, we believe that the key to healthy, weed-free turf is an annual lawn care program that promotes deep root growth in challenging soil conditions, fights weeds, provides the proper proportions of nutrients, and proactively addresses insect infestations and lawn diseases to grow and maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn.

Lawn Science, Environmental Care and Safety Perfectly Balanced for a Beautiful Lawn

  • Lawn Science
  • The Environment
  • Child & Pet Safety
  • Save Time & Money
Lawn Care Programs Scientifically Designed for Northern Virginia

Our full-time agronomist & soil conservation expert has over 30 years of experience designing & implementing lawn care programs tailored specifically for the Northern Virginia area. We perform soil testing & analyze your lawn to fine-tune each program for every lawn we service & adhere to the belief that the best weed control is a healthy, vigorous lawn.

Dedicated to Preserving & Caring for the Environment

Bio Green is dedicated to growing green lawns without unnecessary chemicals & pesticides. We achieve these goals through our custom blended, eco-friendly slow release fertilizer formulations, adhering to eco-aware methodologies & IPM best practices & using the minimum amount of fertilizers and pest controls required to promote healthy lawn growth.

Child & Pet Safety

We're committed to your family’s health & safety. We provide full instructions at each treatment on keeping humans & pets safe & use just the right amount of fertilizers and insect/pest controls to achieve the lawn results you want. We are also Bio Green customers, & pledge the same level of care for your family’s safety as we do for our own.

Save Time - Save Money

Enjoy your healthy, beautiful lawn & leisure time by letting Bio Green work for you. Plus our lawn care services are often cheaper than doing it yourself. The environmental benefits feel just as good – no more excessive nutrient runoff & applications that don’t address underlying conditions. Contact Bio Green for your free lawn evaluation today.

Bio Green Saves Time, Reduces your Costs and Is Kinder to the Environment

Most of our Oakton clients find they save time and money by contracting with Bio Green for their lawn care needs. The cost of properly maintaining your own lawn can be quite high. According to a recent Bio Green lawn care market study, a lawn measuring about 5,000 square feet will cost an Oakton property owner about $320 per year to procure the appropriate lawn fertilizers, soil amendments, and insect and weed control chemicals, and to rent aeration equipment and a trailer. When you factor in the cost of your time, you’ll discover that Bio Green's most popular lawn care service, the Deluxe Turf Program, is only around $10 more.

Bio Green's agronomist-directed, certified lawn care technicians are specially trained in the identification and correction of lawn nutrient deficiencies, insect and weed infestations and lawn diseases. We tailor each of our lawn care programs specifically for your Oakton lawn (for example, adding shady lawn treatments to the appropriate areas of your lawn) and apply only those chemicals and nutrients necessary to promote and maintain a healthy turf. We follow strict environmental standards and best practices to minimize the ecological impact of our services.

Regionally Formulated Lawn Care Programs Designed for Oakton Lawns

Bio Green's regionally formulated and seasonally adjusted products ensure our Oakton clients obtain a healthy, disease-free and vibrant lawn that can withstand the regional stressors of extreme heat, drought and intermittently cold and mild winter weather. During our free, no-obligation lawn care evaluation, we carefully walk your property with you to uncover the specific issues that are causing poor growth, weed proliferation, bare patches and more. We do recommend that your lawn undergo scientific soil testing (a nominal-charge service offered by the Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory) to allow us to tailor an environmentally responsible program for your lawn care and to eliminate applying products that your lawn doesn't need.

Bio Green Proudly Offers These Additional Services

Bio Green - NOVA's Lawn Care Success Company Since 1987

Bio Green focuses on creating environmentally responsible and cost-effective lawn care programs that perform exceptionally well in the Northern Virginia region. As local residents (we were born here) we have decades of real-world experience caring for your Oakton neighbors’ lawns and the Virginia clay soil stains to prove it! We hope you place us on the short list of companies you consider when choosing a lawn care professional in the Oakton area.

Before and After Lawn Care Successes from Bio Green

Bio Green Works for You

Bio Green is a local, family-owned and operated business, serving Northern Virginia since 1987. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our lawn care programs, lawn sprinkler & irrigation systems, outdoor lighting solutions, mosquito control services and drainage solutions. Contact us by phone, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out our contact form to schedule your no-obligation, free lawn evaluation and estimate.

Why Choose Bio Green

  • Experience +

    Over 30 years and more than 20,000 lawns in Northern Virginia
  • Local Knowledge +

    Regionally formulated and seasonally adjusted products and proven lawn care programs equal lawn care success
  • A Variety of Programs +

    Programs starting at just $20 a month to affordable total lawn renovation programs, Bio Green can tailor a program for you
  • Highly Rated +

    A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) & highly rated on Angie's, Yelp and Google+, we are committed to total customer satisfaction.
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